Stand in the way of catastrophe – Laughter and Humor occupying the space

Everything can happen...
Everything can happen…


Occupy with art
Occupy with art

1999 earthquake pieces of walls that fell apart there

pieces of old buildings demolished in Istanbul for the sake of « modernity »

Fragments collected here and elsewhere to built something out of destruction

Telling so many stories

Occupying the space with aesthetic and poetry

Creating some kind of space shift carrying




but in the future, wouldn’t it be better to get rid of a certain concept of identity?

it seems to be getting nowhere… and anyway so fragmented, dissolved

Could we find something else?


Breastfeeding males
Breastfeeding… Are they gonna make cheese too?


Occupying the painting
Occupying the painting


Artist's studio
Artist’s studio

When you’re an artist and your work space gets narrower for geographical, financial etc reasons… and papers are piling up, the creative space becomes vertical


Comic Journalism
Comic Journalism

Humor as a Troyan horse…

Visiting LeMan cafe 1

Visit of LeMan 2

No comment... even without understanding the language... the wickedness of the situation
No comment… even without understanding the language… the wickedness of the situation


And we were there...
And we were there…


Come on baby light my fire
Come on baby light my fire


Images of the "Republican" woman
Images of the « Republican » woman


Weaving as a way to occupy space and time
Weaving as a way to occupy space and time


Tic tac tic tac...
Tic tac tic tac…


Map of ideas... after a few visits
Map of ideas… after a few visits


Let's stick together
Let’s stick together (Wolinski in Istanbul)


From politics to...
From politics to some kind of universal pictograms? Recreated old logos (paint)

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