So we are in Germany… Elements of reflection

Leipzig, 5 february 2017

.Introductory session of the Iteam week.


So We are in Germany.

In a decisiv European moment.

With elections in our countries.

With strong selfish offensiv forces across the planet.

We begun this introduction with a strong film*…. using only historical archives… articulated in a way that rebuild our collectiv historical memory.

Maybe this images help to consider that we are choosing right now what kind of history we want to write.

… to which narrative we want to take part in.


I was born from a french-german couple.

This was the year of the german reunification.

To me Europe was never a question when I grow up, it was my environment.

An environment allowed by a determined french-german post-war reconciliation policy.

A german could be loved by a french and give life.

A determined policy that rooted the project of a European Union.


Maybe what is relevant in this story is not to be born as a french-german.

I could have been the child of an Inuit and an Afghan. Of an human and an octopus. Of a tree and a leopard…

Maybe crossing the country each year by train to spend holidays in Germany just taught me this strong feeling that our lives are interconnected.
Beyond administrative borders.

« Lorsqu’on prend connaissance de l’autre, on prend attention à sa vie. » ?

And I keep ask myselves :

What will we tell about this moment to our childrens in 10 years ?
What will we tell to the following generations : what will have been our decisions ?


Maybe it’s still relevant to consider that our itinerant ITEAM program is modestely offering to take part on a common european debate.


.. to come back in an idea that knowledge is maybe not something to be stocked for his own self pride – but something to be put in adventure… to be shared and confronted… hybrided… to put ourselves in the risk to live :

… what is existing if not meeting other strangeness – and assume that we are an assembly ?
… What if Europe could be this federation of strangeness ? **


Maybe this is a way giving us an ability to respond… to propose strong imaginativ forces resisting the disconsideration of lifes.

Of his value.


EÛT-ELLE ÉTÉ CRIMINELLE… / EVEN IF SHE HAD BEEN A CRIMINAL… (2006) from Jean-Gabriel Périot on Vimeo.

* Eut-elle été criminelle_Jean-Gabriel Périot_2006_9min39

(FR) France, été 44, à la libération… Puisque ce sont les vainqueurs qui écrivent l’histoire, Jean-Gabriel Périot se fait passeur de mémoire pour un retour salutaire sur l’oubli et pour mieux questionner nos futurs. À partir d’images d’archives, à la frontière du documentaire, de l’animation et de l’expérimental, il tisse un montage apoplectique et syncopé, pour mieux accuser la violence des sociétés contemporaines.

(EN) France, Summer 44, at the libération…
Since it is the victorious who write the story, Jean-Gabriel Périot turns back to memory for a salutary return on forgotten and to better question our future. Based on archival images, on the frontier of documentary, animation and experimental, he weaves an apoplectic and syncopated montage to better accuse the violence of contemporary societies.

** L’Europe comme une fédération d’étrangetés. Neyrat.

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