Rosi Braidotti, Enacting Citizenship

Session at the European Parliament – Part 2, 27 March 2013 – Rosi Braidotti

Rosi Braidotti is a Philosopher and Distinguished University Professor at Utrecht University as well as director of the Centre for the Humanities in Utrecht.

The Oecumene team organised an event in Brussels on the 27th of March 2013:

Enacting Citizenship in times of crisis‘.

The aim of the morning session held at the European Parliament was to initiate a debate on how European citizenship is constructed, and how it can become genuinely open.


This video features Rui Tavares (MEP) presentation that followed the presentations made by Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University), and Engin Isin (Open University).


Photo: Rosi Braidotti’s microcosm, www.dub.uu.nel


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