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i-team 2019/2020

We are not in the 30s. But Europe is upset by the progressive conquests of national-populism. In the name of the nation and popular sovereignty, everywhere the same themes that weaken democracy and freedoms, degrade the rule of law, weaken public debate, constrain minorities, attack women's rights, point the finger at the foreigner. Between the world and me ... refusing simplisms, we will look at Europe in a way that is complex and therefore precise. We will listen to the witnesses. We will practice articulating action with research, action with transmission, attention with presence. The reactionaries speak loudly, but we will seek out and work with those who are rewriting European stories of solidarity and cooperation.

i-team is an itinerant Learning programme of 6 weeks across Europe to strengthen capacities for European cultural and social innovation. This website offers a space for exchange of reflections and innovative practices on Art, Culture, Europe and Public Policies.

Open to French and other European practitioners who wish to engage in social and cultural change, the i-team programme works within a context of changing positions and major tensions across European societies and professional practices.

Through a collective approach of 6 itinerant weeks, it offers European enrichment of exchange and direct experience, of reading of contemporary challenges, of exploration and experiment, working closely within a plural context of other players and European realities.

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